Between Two Worlds - Feature Length Script
In this period drama, a simple stone mason struggles to keep his family together and his head down after his beloved Alsace is occupied in World War II. But his young and impulsive daughter forces him to stand center stage under Nazi scrutiny when she is sent to a Hitlerjüngend camp after refusing to say the Hitler Oath one day in school.
To request a copy of Between Two Worlds, please send me an email.
The Second Protocol - Audio Script for Radio/Podcast
Episode 2, Be Afraid:  After the murder of a crew member aboard the cargo space ship S.S.E. Tali, the living discover who - or what - now threatens them.
Episode 10, A Woe that is Madness:  The S.S.E. Rubicon must evacuate, but with Tali now installed on the ground base, Teren, Harry, and Fred must hijack the airwaves to warn the crew.  If that doesn't work, they'll need a backup plan.  Producer Rewrite
Flight 775 - Audio Script for Radio/Podcast*
Episode 1, Spirals & Blood: They awoke on Flight 775, but don't know how they got there or where they're going.  Unfortunately the dead crew won't be much help.
*Note:  On the second round of drafts, Flight 775 was revamped and became The Second Protocol.
Insight - Short Script
In this thriller, a young family moving across the country in 1977 have a run in with a trucker on highway in the middle of nowhere New Mexico that changes their lives forever.
On Crimson Ice - Short Script
In this thriller, a middle aged man steps out of his comfort zone and hikes across a glacier.  Unfortunately his lack of experience gets him into some serious danger.  This script was created as an exercise in writing action only, no dialogue.  
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10 Kilos, 20 Grand, and a Louis Vuitton - Short Script
In this thriller, Helen learns that her husband is more than an undercover narcotics officer when she discovers a Luis Vuitton duffle bag hidden in a closet full of cash and drugs.  
Thirst - Short Script
In this thriller, Tim, an impulsive young man, feeling invincible on his motorcycle takes his girlfriend, Jessica, off road only to end up injured and stranded in the desert.  Having run out of water, Jessica finds what she can, but only to their demise.
Writing Exercises - Short Theme Based Scripts
These short scripts are writing exercises that focus on a specific theme as indicated.
Andy Uber Alles:  Andy is bullied until he's had enough. This exercise focuses on the theme of change in disposition.
Power Discs: Revenge of the Sequal:  Part 2 of Power Discs by Matthew Taggart.  A trip to the grocery store ends up with Mike having to explain himself to Jennifer.  This exercise focuses on the theme of a fight between two characters.
Hostage Smurf: Troy has to convince Alex to eat his food, but Alex has other plans.  This exercise focuses on the theme of negotiation.
Rent:  Ryan needs $800.  Danny is willing to help, but Ryan's not sure he wants that kind of help.  This is a writing exercise focusing on the theme of seduction.
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